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   October 2007 Vol. 1 No. 1 

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New to the Research Team

Twenty-one new analysts have joined Gartner so far this year. As an AR professional, it's important for you to keep up to date with which analysts cover your organization, especially when new analysts join. A complete list of analysts can be located by clicking here.

Eric Deitert
Research Director
Business Process Management (BPM)
Eric advises clients around the globe in business process management and the application of business rule engines for higher performance. In his role, he analyzes the current and future states of BPM technologies, providers and products. Prior to Gartner, Eric worked in software development for commercial firms that provide business process improvement solutions, where he held roles in market strategy, market analysis, and product marketing and management.

James Richardson
Research Director
Business Intelligence (BI)
James focuses on business intelligence and performance management. Prior to Gartner, he worked in global market intelligence for a commercial BI provider where he delivered competitive intelligence and strategic analysis to both field operations and senior management. His background includes commercial BI software development, where he held several roles in technology and marketing management.

Mark Stahlman
Research VP and Gartner Invest Analyst
Emerging Trends and Technology
Mark is a technology strategist in the hardware/systems sector. He has a broad, deep background in the computer and networking industries, including significant Wall Street experience where he was a managing director, senior research analyst and technology strategist for a leading investment bank. He has also studied molecular biology and genetics.

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