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   October 2007 Vol. 1 No. 1 

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Aaron Yaverski
Group Vice President
AR Professionals: Get More From Gartner

AR professionals in all segments frequently ask us how they can gain more insight into our research processes so that they can more effectively engage with us. We are asked how AR professionals can make better use of our resources to help their organization become a more competitive provider of technology products, solutions and services.

If this describes you, this issue will help shed light on common questions.

  • Want to make sure that you have briefed all the appropriate analysts? Read Jenni Lehman's story.

  • Gartner analysts provide firsthand advice on how AR professionals can prepare for a successful Gartner Vendor Briefing.

  • Matt Goldman talks about Gartner resources that are often overlooked by AR professionals-and how you can take maximum advantage of them.

  • Has your organization ever taken issue with a Gartner opinion and requested that we correct it? Gartner Ombudsman Nancy Erskine gives insight into how AR professionals can deliver feedback for Gartner consideration.

  • We also provide a summary of new members of our research team, their coverage areas and the experience they bring to Gartner.

Analyst relations professionals have been asking for more transparency into the Gartner research process. Newsletters like this, designed especially for you, are created with that in mind. So take a look and get back to me with suggestions for other topics you'd like us to "demystify" to help you be more successful in your role.



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