Gartner Application Architecture,
Development & Integration Summit
December 7 - 9, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada

Please complete the survey below by Friday, March 27, 2009 – the first 50 respondents will receive a $25 Gift Certificate, and all respondents will be automatically entered into raffle drawings to win one of two complimentary Gartner AADI Summit 2009 tickets, and an iPod Touch.

NOTE: All information you provide is strictly for Gartner internal use only and will not be divulged to any third party organization.

Please note: This survey is meant for “end-users”, i.e. employees from financial institutions, government, manufacturing companies etc. who are involved with software technologies for their INTERNAL purposes, as opposed to developing or promoting software solutions for their clients.

Please confirm here you are an “end-user”, NOT a vendor of software infrastructure, SOA, Web, or Cloud related solutions.

Yes, I am an end-user

A. Demographic and Contact Information

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1. Which of the following best describes your company?
IT Software Vendor
IT Hardware Vendor
External IT Service Provider (Consulting firm, System Integrator, etc.)
Other IT-Related Service Provider
Non-IT Consulting
Market Research & Advisory Service
Finance/Insurance/Real Estate
Public Sector/Government
Energy & Utilities
Media, Entertainment, Recreation
Other, please specify:

Which of the following best describes your primary job function?
IT - Application Development
IT - Application Integration
IT - Application Management
IT - Application Architecture
IT - Business Analysis & Intelligence
IT - Business Architecture
IT - Computer Operations/Systems
IT - Database, Data Management
IT - Enterprise Architecture
IT - Management
IT - Project Management
IT - LAN/Network Systems
IT - Engineering
IT - Strategy/Planning
IT - System Analysis
IT - Web Technologies 
Account Management/Client Services
Business Analysis
Business Development
Business architecture
e-Business, e-Commerce
General Management
Investment Management
Market Intelligence/Research
Research and Development
Business Strategy/Planning
Web Strategy and Planning
Other, please specify:

3. How many people/staff do you manage?
1 to 4
5 to 9
10 to 19
20 to 49
50 to 99
more than 100

4. What would you say is your personal degree of experience with the following?
Application Architecture       
Application Development
Application Integration
Business Process Management
Cloud Computing
Data integration/management
Enterprise Architecture
Event Driven Architecture, Event Processing
Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
Service Oriented Architecture
Web 2.0
Web Services

5a. What is your organization's current situation in regards to implementing the following?
immediate plans
Research & investigation
Pilot or prototype
Some active programs or production applications
Extensive use
Agile Development
Application Portfolio Management
Cloud Computing
Enterprise Service Bus
Event Driven Architecture/ Complex Event Processing
Integration/SOA  Competency Center
Open Source
Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Social software (blogs, wikis etc...)
SOA governance
Web 2.0 technologies
Web Services (SOAP based)
Web Services (REST/POX based)
Web-Oriented Architecture

5b. Are you planning on increasing/decreasing your usage of the following in the next 12 months?
Significant increase
Moderate increase
No change
Cloud Computing
Event Driven Architecture & Complex Event Processing
Open Source

6. If you have implemented the following initiatives/technologies, how satisfied are you with your implementation?
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
Not applicable
Service-Oriented Architecture
Cloud Computing

7. If you had $2000 to spend on advice/education this year, how much would you spend on each of the following topical areas?
Application Architecture $
Application Development $
Application Integration $
Application Modernization $
Application Strategy & Management $
Business Process Management $
Cloud computing & SaaS $
Enterprise Architecture $
Project & Portfolio Management $
Service-Oriented Architecture $
Web2.0 and Enterprise Web $
Other (specify) $
  Current Total = $

8. The following specific topics are under consideration for inclusion in the next Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit. Please rate your level of interest for each:
General Topics
Very High
Better collaborating with your business counterparts           
Choosing and working with Consultants/System Integrators
Getting Buy-in from Business
IT/Application Governance
Managing change and achieving organizational acceptance           
Managing the skill sets of your Applications Team           
Market size, market shares and market trends           
Project Management best/worst practices           
Application Strategy
Project & Portfolio Management
IT and Application Modernization
Open Source: benefits, costs, risks           
Aligning IT and Business
Application Development & Application Management issues
Very High
AD Governance
AD productivity and ROI           
Agile and Lean Development approaches
Application Development Outsourcing
Application Development Roles and Responsibilities
Application Lifecycle Management           
Application Maturity Modeling
Application Portfolio Management           
Application Security
Cutting development cost
EA and Application Development
Mainframe migration           
Managing AD Teams: Best Practices
Mobile Application Development
Model-driven Development           
Process-centric application development           
Programming languages trends and best practices           
Requirements management           
Service-Oriented development of applications (SODA)           
Software Configuration & Change Management           
Software Process Improvement           
Software Quality & Testing
The Future of Application Development
Virtualization impact on Application strategy           
Integration & Information Management Topics
Very High
B2B integration, Multi-enterprise integration           
Business Activity Monitoring
Composite Applications           
Data Integration / Information Integration           
Enterprise Service Bus and Integration Middleware        
Integration Competency Center best practices
Interoperability issues & strategies
Legacy integration           
Metadata management
Metrics and ROI of Integration
Mobile/Wireless Integration
Open Source Integration
The Future of Application Integration           
Transaction Processing           
SOA and Architecture Topics
Very High
Advanced SOA practices                     
Application Architecture as part of Enterprise Architecture        
BPM Framework and methods    
Business Process Modeling
Business-to-business Web services/SOA          
Complex Event Processing                    
Context-oriented Architecture, context-aware computing
Cutting the cost of your SOA initiatives             
Event-driven architectures & applications          
Enterprise Architecture and SOA          
Getting started with a SOA project                   
Justifying and Funding SOA                  
Managing “cultural” issues for SOA success                  
Metrics and ROI of SOA/Web Services           
Organizational best practices for SOA   
Service design best practices                 
Service-Oriented Business Applications (SOBA)                      
SOA 101: basic concepts
SOA and BPM                        
SOA governance                      
SOA Testing and QA               
SOA/Web Services and Portals                        
SOA/Web Services Performance Management            
SOA/Web services security                  
SOA/WS for legacy environments                     
The Future of SOA                   
Using SOA to cut cost 
Using registries and repositories                        
Web Oriented Architecture
Web 2.0 and Enterprise Web Technologies Topics
Very High
Designing a better web user experience             
Mobile Web     
Portals design and management Best Practices 
Rich clients/ Rich internet applications                
Semantic Web              
Social Software (blogs, wikis,...)           
The Future of Enterprise Portals            
The Future of Web Services                 
Web 2.0 new business models                          
Web Services Management                  
Web services standards                        
Web2.0 and SOA                    
WS-* vs REST/POX   
XML appliances    
Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Computing
Very High
Application Platform-as-a-service (APaaS)
Architecting applications for the Cloud
Cloud Application Development
Cloud Computing 101
Cutting cost with Cloud technologies
Ensuring SaaS/Cloud adoption
Getting buy-in from stakeholders (IT, Business, Finance...) for SaaS/cloud projects
Infrastructure Services for the Cloud (Storage-as-a-service, Utility computing, etc...)
Integrating SaaS with other applications
Managing (lack of) control issues with Cloud/SaaS Computing
Measuring the business value of SaaS and Cloud
Organizational best practices for SaaS and Cloud adoption
SaaS & Cloud: Top 10 risks vs benefits
SaaS and Cloud performance management
SaaS and Cloud Security issues
SaaS Business Applications
Selecting, Sourcing and Using Cloud/SaaS vendors
The Real Cost of Cloud/SaaS

What is your most pressing issue or most important priority in 2009?
Demonstrable the value of your IT investments
Help your business innovate to deliver competitive advantage
Improve agility (time to market, responsiveness, flexibility)
Improve business/IT alignment & collaboration
Improve service level and capabilities for your internal/external customers
Modernize your IT or Application Infrastructure
Reduce expenses
Other (specify)

10. The Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit will take place Dec 7-9 in Las Vegas, NV. It will last for 3 days (Monday-Wednesday) and include over 90 sessions and roundtables presented by Gartner Analysts, guest speakers, and customers on some of the topics in Question 8.

Are you interested in attending...

Yes I will attend  
I'm considering attending  
No, I will not attend  

11. Are you interested in participating in a user case study or panel at a future AADI Summit?

Thank you for spending the time to fill this survey! Your feedback is essential in creating a great conference program. We hope to see you in December! We will inform you by April 5 whether you will receive a gift certificate, ipod, and/or free conference ticket.

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